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Getting a Hard Pegging!

Getting a Hard Pegging!

I had some of the hottest sex with my wife the other night! She pegged the fuck out of me!

It started with us laying on our bed naked after a fresh shower. Whenever I see her naked like that I can’t help but want to spread her butt cheeks and lick her ass. She laid and moaned as I tongued her hot asshole over and over again. “Do you like that?” I asked. “Ugh… yeah!” “Then tell me!” “Ugh… Lick my ass!”, “then spread your ass wide”. I’m training my wife to ask and beg for me to lick her ass more. And whenever she spreads her ass cheeks apart, I really shove my tongue as deep as I can in her ass and it drives her crazy! After  doing this over and over again, I eventually switch so she can suck on my dick and she moves down to lick my ass too. My wife loves to play with my ass and loves watching as it takes some hot toys in it. 

“Baby, can I put something in your butt?” she asks me very cute and innocent like. But after watching a bunch of pegging videos and pics from tumblr earlier in the day, I wanted something more than just a butt plug. “How about we use the strap on and put the butt plug in your butt as you fuck my ass?” “OKAY!”. She was definitely into that lol.

We her ass lubed up and slide the butt plug, which is attached to the strap on, into her ass and it fills her up nice! She immediately reaches for the lube and pushes me down on the bed as she excitedly lubes up my ass. She tries to get into my doggy style but out height difference doesn’t help so I go on my back, with a pillow underneath, and she lines up her 7” thick strap on up to my ass!

She slowly starts to slide in the strap on dildo into me and gets about halfway before I have to ask her to stop as it’s so big for my ass. She’s moaning like crazy as she loves pushing it into my ass, but reluctantly pulls out a bit. She puts some more lube in me and resumes again. This time she takes small strokes in and out and as it gets to filling me up at the halfway point, I’m moaning as I take it and she can’t wait anymore and shoves it in deeper, making us both moan in pleasure. I hold my legs up as she starts to fuck my ass with almost the entire dildo. I’m rubbing my dick as I look up at my beautiful, thin, sexy wife as she is thrusting her hips into my ass, her breasts swinging back and forth, and her face moaning in ecstasy because the strap on is hitting her clit with every thrust. We both weren’t expecting for the strap on to be hitting her clit, although I hoped it would, which is why I bought it hahaha. She is moaning so loud and telling me how good it feels. She can’t stop her thrusting as she’s getting close to cumming and it turns me on even more knowing that it feels so good to her that she’s getting lost in pegging me. She doesn’t care if my ass is sore or in pain, she just wants to keep pounding me until she cums and that turns me on even more! She thrusts her cock into me until she finally screams in pleasure as she cums, collapsing back on to the bed.

It was the hottest image if I have ever seen and experienced. I loved it, and I want more! This wasn’t the end of our session though! I was still rock hard and need to cum, and my ass was still begging for more fucking. I stood up against the wall and stuck out my bubble butt ass to her as it has been a fantasy for both us. She lines up behind me and I crouch down a bit so she can slide her cock into my ass again. She slides in much easier this time and she grabs my hips to start fucking me again. She starts to thrust into me as I hold myself up against the wall, ass out, taking her cock, and she thrusts so deep that I can feel her hips against my ass. She moans so loud as she’s so happy to get the entire cock into my ass and grinds her hips into my ass. The sensation of her hips on my ass, knowing she’s “balls deep” makes me feel soooooo good. She reaches around to grab my dick and jacks me off as she fucks me. She starts POUNDING my ass with no remorse, thrusting into me as hard as she can, taking long, deep strokes as she grunts in pleasure from the strap on hitting her clit. I remain trapped against the wall and her cock as I just stand there, letting her pound my ass to her pleasure, afraid that I might shoot all my hot cum against the wall and ground. She eventually slows down and my cum remains in my rock hard cock.

She lays me back on the bed on my back, climbs back on top of me and starts to fuck me missionary again, legs and ass in the air. I again, get to watch my hot wife thrust her hips into me over and over again as she gets closer and closer to cumming. I start to rub my dick but I try to hold off from cumming until my wife does. She grabs my nipples and rubs them as she pegs my ass as deep as she can. “Fuck me baby and cum in me! Cum in my ass!” Her moans get louder and louder as she suddenly shudders and cums, giving me one last deep thrust! Her orgasm sets me off and I shoot a huge load of cum all over my body, shooting some streams onto my own face. She pulls out of my ass and I lay there in so much pleasure and satisfaction. My body and my ass are so exhausted and I drift off to sleep hoping that we can do this again tomorrow night…

Thanks for reading guys! All of my stories are true stories and I hope you enjoy them! If you like reading my stories or have any comments, please let me know! I would love to hear what people think!