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My First Cocksucking Experience and It Was a BBC!

Hi Everyone! Once I get more followers and have some more time, I plan to write some of my kinkier sexual experiences. I’ve had several girlfriends with plenty of sex, but I’ll mainly be posting my kinkier experiences which include: Picking up a crossdresser and my first time taking a cock in my ass, oral sex with guys in adult book stores and bathhouses, casual sex encounters, and even my one time participating in a gangbang. Just somethings to look forward to if you like that kind of stuff!

So you can imagine me in my stories, I am a mid 20’s, good looking (at least I think so haha), masculine, asian male, 6 inch cut cock, height/weight proportionate, pretty flat stomach. I have a big chest, arms, back, and butt, which is what catches the girl’s and guy’s attention that I have been with.


My First Cocksucking Experience and It Was a BBC!

Hi everyone! This will be my first time writing about my previous sexual experiences and it gets me hard just thinking back about it. I’m new to writing this kind of thing so if you have any constructive criticism or if you like my stories and would like to here more, message me, comment or like my posts, repost them, and let me know so I’ll share more stories!

So this is about the first time I ever had any sexual contact with another man!  I am always so horny and was exposed to some japanese hentai porn that included dickgirls and it got me really hot watching these hot girls with cocks, taking cocks in their mouth and ass, and giving it to some guys and girls. Eventually I realized it was the cocks themselves turning me on, then shemales, and eventually on guys too. I’m not turned on by the guys themselves, not their muscles or looks, and have never thought about dating a guy or have been romantically interested in any guy, but their cocks make me so hot!

To get on with the story, when I was 20 years old, I used to work at a small hotel at night, and I would be the only employee there. I would often bring my own laptop and look up porn and jack off while at work. I had started to look at the random cocks on craigslist while I jack off and eventually started to make some postings to see if anyone was interested. On this particular night I was working, I got a response that really caught my eye. It was a post from a seemingly real down to earth guy and he shared a picture of his hot 7inch black cock! I couldn’t resist but respond to him.

I emailed him back and forth a bit, told him I was staying at a hotel and looking for my first experience and eventually led to him driving down to meet me. I checked someone into the hotel and put them in one room in the system and then changed them to another room so that way it would be listed as dirty and it would look like they asked to moved. At about 2am when my bbc was scheduled to meet up, I saw a car pull up to the hotel. Hoping that it would be him, I put up a “will be back” sign at the desk, locked up, and ran to the room I set aside. I waited for 5 minutes, anticipating the door knocking, and I was nervous as hell, then… knock knock knock*

My heart nearly stopped, I went to the door and answered and there stood the black man I was emailing back and forth, whose big black cock had gotten me so turned on that I just had to have it for my first cock. He looked older than I had thought, he ended up being 34 years old, 14 years older than me. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to do next, and told him so. He told me to lie down on the bed and he’ll give me a massage. I nervously laid down, scared to let me guard down with this random person meeting me up for sex that could beat me up, rob me, or want to kill me, or even scarier at the time, actually end up having gay sex with me! He started with the massage and it felt good. He started to lift up my shirt and rub my skin, then getting me to take off my shirt. He reached around and unbuttoned my pants and started to massage my butt. My 6 inch cut cock is starting to rise now as I can hear him slowly take off his clothes. I turn around and see him half naked, only in boxers briefs, with his big hard cock pushing out his boxer briefs. I reach out to grab it and I touch the first cock other than my own! He pulls down his boxers and his big 7 inch black cock flips straight out at me as if it was begging me to suck it!

I reach out to grab his bare cock and I feel it’s warm, soft feel. I rub it a bit and then he lays down next to me in a sixty nine position. I have his hard black cock inches from my face and I think to myself, “This is it, no going back now! Go for it!”, and I take a deep breath and wrap my lips around this gorgeous cock! I suck and lick this big hard cock head, thinking about how girls have made me feel good, wanting to do the same to him. As I suck on his cock and feel the fullness in my cheeks, I feel his mouth engulf my hard dick and enjoy the feeling of his warm mouth as I have his cock in my mouth.

I continue to lick and suck on his black cock, taking in about half of it in my mouth each time I go down. I use my hand to rub his dick at the same time, with my mouth, trying to make him feel as good as possible. I could start to taste some saltiness on my tongue and realize it must be his precum coming out, making me suck him even harder because I know I must be making him feel good. My mouth is feeling a little sore but I want to keep going and make him feel good, enjoying and taking in my first cock in my mouth. I make him moan and grunt as I’m sucking his big cock and after one quick grunt, I start feeling his cum shooting into the back of my throat!

I’m a little surprised by his cum shooting into my mouth! I’m sucking and swallowing what I’m taking and once I realize it’s his cum, I get nervous thinking about whether or not I wanted to swallow the first time I suck a cock and I end up pulling his dick out of my mouth. I continue rubbing his dick and more cum shoots out all over his dick. I stop for half a minute and take in what I accomplished while he continues to suck on my dick. I hold his semi hard and heavy dick in my hand and it’s so hot looking at it I start sucking it again, wanting it still in my mouth. The smell of his cum becomes over powering and does not smell as good as it first came out does not taste as good, I guess cuz it has been sitting, exposed to air. I take his dick out and stop. 

I just let him continue to suck me and it feels good, but I have always had a hard time coming with just a blowjob, even with girls who suck me all the time. It is even harder to cum knowing it is with a guy this time and I can feel the difference in having a more masculine mouth around my dick. He sucks me for a while but I get self conscious about how frustrating it must be to not make cum so I ask him to lick my ass. He said he’d love to, grabs my legs and butt, lifts them in the air and starts to lick my ass. I jack off as he’s going to town on my asshole, having a guy really licking and rimming me good as I have only had girls cautiously lick my ass before. It feels good enough that with my jacking off that I shoot my cum all over my own body, shooting squirt after squirt all over me, and it’s over.

He gets me a towel to help clean up, we get dressed, tell each other we had fun and maybe we can meet up again. All of which is very awkward now that we came already, and he gives me an awkward hug as he leaves. I sit and can’t believe I actually gave into my urges and sucked my first cock, and I loved it! I felt bad after the fact, feeling awkward and worried that someone would find out and be discriminated against, but I push that aside in my mind. I just sucked my first cock, and it was a big black one! It wasn’t my last one either! More stories about those to follow!

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